Dear Friends of the Chamber,

Thank you for your patience and continued support of the California Black Chamber. We would like to share the following information:


California Black Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is pleased and honored to announce their President, Mr. Jay King. A strong, team-focused leader with a deep passion to create change and enrich businesses and communities.


Mr. King has over 33 years of entrepreneurship experience along with positive business history and civic partnerships. He is all about building, growing and retaining community relationships and business partnerships throughout the State of California.

We welcome our President, Mr. Jay King and look forward to his commitment, dedication and engagement.

In addition, the California Black Chamber and Chamber Foundation would like to announce the current board members in its entirety:

CA Black Chamber of Commerce Board







CA Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation Board



















If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. King directly at our office at 916-463-0178 or email at


Thank you and we look forward to moving forward in a positive manner.

Jay King, President/CEO

Jay King, President/CEO

Mary Evans, Chairman

Mary Evans, Chairman

Ruth Artates-Rezaie, Interim Secr.

Ruth Artates-Rezaie, Board Member

Anthony Wallace, Board Mem.

Dr. Anthony Wallace, Board Member

Peggy Cohen-Thompson

Peggy Cohen-Thompson, Board Member

Delores Thompson

Delores Thompson, Executive Director

Tara Lynn Gray, Chairman

Tara Lynn Gray, Chairman

Ruth Artates-Rezaie

Ruth Artates-Rezaie, Secretary