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About Us

In 1998, the California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc. was created as a public charity dedicated to education, training, community growth, and youth entrepreneurial development. The Foundation has formed unique and viable partnerships with many private corporations, which has allowed the Foundation's "Renaissance 21st Century Project" to flourish across the state and beyond its borders. Since its inception, the Foundation has granted in excess of $200,000 to local chambers and community based organizations across the state. The Renaissance projects include database design for private and public sector needs, entrepreneur training, cultural appreciation, statewide leadership forums and its state renowned Leadership Congress, of which written reports assist state and community leaders, shape program, and policies for economic growth and elevation.

The California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation is pleased with the growth and alliances created by its organization, while realizing there is still much work to be done. We continue to address the issues that affect small business survivability, growth and the multiple effects of community development.

Today, the California Black Chamber of Commerce is committed to being a resource for local and state-wide communities. Our mission starts with educating local and state wide communities of the importance of financial literacy. Through financial literacy we can build small businesses with strategic coalitions and plug into the mainframe of the American capitalistic system to create a new paradigm for Sole Proprietorship.