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Video Release: 2019 Wrap-Up for Major Construction Progress on High-Speed Rail

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California High-Speed Rail Authority has issued a video highlighting some of the major construction milestones that happened this year on the high-speed rail project. Kicking off the year with the completion of the realignment of State Route 99 in the city of Fresno, there are now nearly 30 major construction sites underway throughout the 119 miles of high-speed rail construction in the Valley. Several projects have been completed, with major progress also being made on existing ones, such as the San Joaquin River Viaduct and Fresno Trench projects. This construction has resulted in millions of investments that have been made in the region, with more than 350 small businesses from the Central Valley participating in the project and over 3,000 construction workers dispatched to date. For the latest on construction, visit BuildHSR.com.

Credit To: Toni Tinoco (W) 559-445-6776 (C) 559-274-8975 Toni.Tinoco@hsr.ca.gov