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O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. Are Looking For Qualified SBE Sub-Contractors And Suppliers For Project

O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. is preparing to bid the following project:

Project:                US101/Blossom Hill Road Interchange Improvements

Contract C20004 - Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority

Date:                    May 28, 2020@ 2:00 PM

Contact:              jsicard@ocjones.com @ (510) 809-3411  jsicard@ocjones.com

O.C. Jones & Sons, Inc. encourages responsible participation from qualified SBE Subcontractors and Suppliers.  We are requesting quotes on the following items of work (including but not limited to): Trucking, Temporary and Permanent Erosion Control Measures, Lead Compliance Plan, Progress Schedule (Critical Path Method), Quality Assurance Program, Construction Staking, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Flaggers, Type II Barricade, Temporary Striping & Marking, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Temporary Crash Cushion, SWPPP, Rain Event Action Plan, Storm Water Sampling, Analysis, & Annual Report, Temporary Fencing, Sweeping, Treated Wood Waste, Vibration Monitoring, Survey & Monitoring of Existing Highway Facilities, Clearing & Grubbing, Develop Water Supply, Roadway Excavation (Naturally Occurring Asbestos), Subgrade Enhancement Geotextile Class B2, Planting & Irrigation, Hydromulch, Compost, Fiber Rolls, AC Dike, Tack Coat, Cold Plane AC, CIDH Concrete Piling, Structural Concrete – Sound Wall, Structural Shotcrete, Minor Concrete, Architectural Treatment (Slope Paving), Bar Reinforcing Steel, Concrete Pipe, Underground, Adjust Utilities to Grade, Ductile Iron Pipe, Wall Drain with Pipe Dome, Abandon Inlet, Abandon Culvert, Abandon Joint Trench, Interior Lining Sanitary Sewer, Slope Paving (Concrete), Rock Slope Protection, Misc. Iron & Steel, Visual Screen Panel, Fencing, Delineator Pavement Marker, Concrete Barrier, Guard Railing, Object Marker, Roadside Signs, Midwest Guardrail System, Vegetation Control (Minor Concrete), Chain Link Railing, Double Thrie Beam Barrier, Transition Railing, Alternative Crash Cushion, Concrete Barrier, Striping & Marking, Electrical, Ramp Metering System, Radar Speed Feedback Sign, Structure Backfill, Furnish Piling, Prestressing Cast-In-Place, Paving Notch Extension, Lightweight Concrete, Drill and Bond Dowel, Clean Expansion Joint, Asphalt Membrane Waterproofing, Bridge Removal, Column Casing, Misc. Metal, Structural Steel, Clean & Paint Structural Steel, Metal Decking, Isolation Casing, Truss Chain Link Railing, Soil Nail, Minor Concrete (Gutter), Mechanically Stabilized Embankment, and Construction Materials

Jean Sicard (510-809-3411 jsicard@ocjones.com) is the estimator on this project and he is available to provide assistance or answer questions regarding the project scope of work including bid requirements, break out of bid items, plan or spec interpretation, bonding or insurance requirements, and other bid assistance. Plans and specs are available to review at our Berkeley office, on the VTA’s website or can be sent out via Building Connected. PDF format quotes should be emailed to the estimator or faxed to 510-526-0990 prior to noon on the date of the bid. Quotes from SBE Subcontractors, Suppliers and Truckers are highly encouraged. OCJ is willing to breakout any portion of work to encourage SBE participation. Subcontractors must possess a current DIR, Contractors License, and insurance and workers compensation coverage including waiver of subrogation.  OCJ may require Performance and Payment bonds on subcontracts. OCJ will pay the bond premium up to 2% of the contract value. All subcontractors are required to execute OC Jones’ standard subcontract agreement, comply with all insurance requirements, and name OCJ as additional insured. Copies of our agreement and insurance requirements are available upon request.  OCJ is a Union contractor, and we are signatory to the Operating Engineers, Laborers, Teamsters, and Carpenters. OCJ is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Heidi Faria

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