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County of Sonoma Solicitation Invitation


The County of Sonoma (County) is soliciting bids for the purchase and delivery of one (1) 2020 model year or newer Hybrid Full Size Truck, per attached specifications. If you are bidding other than the representative models you must identify the make and model of the product being bid and submit detailed specifications for the product, failure to do so may invalidate your bid.
**All Specifications are located in the Supplier Portal** 
Please Login to the Supplier Portal at (http://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Supplier-Portal) to View Full event including Bid Solicitation, Specifications and Attachments.
It is incumbent upon all interested parties to check for any changes, including updates or addenda, by logging into the County’s Supplier Portal and reviewing the event.
All questions related to this solicitation must be submitted in writing.  Please email questions to Sheri Lang at sheri.lang@sonoma-county.org.  
BID SUBMISSION: The County requires that bidders submit their bids electronically on the County’s Supplier Portal, until 2:00 p.m., as determined by the time and date stamp on the Supplier Portal on May 8, 2020. per the schedule or as revised by addendum.  
Bids shall be for the total net price including all applicable charges, delivered F.O.B destination with the exception of tax. Do not include tax in bid; tax is added at time of order.
Vendor must provide Lead Time. If Delivery is longer than 90 days, County must approve.
* Specifications (Must be completed, signed and returned with bid, or bid may be rejected.) 
* Designated Supplier Contact for bid
* Other Agency Procurement
* Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Bid Form
* Declaration of Local Preference (if applicable)

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