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Black Excellist: 21 Black Owned Banks (#BANKBLACK)

21 Black Owned Banks (#BANKBLACK)



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Today, we are featuring 21 Banks with over 50% ownership by African Americans. Credit Unions are not included in this list. Please download the "Bank Black" app or log in to BlackOutCoalition.org for a Black-owned bank near you.

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Info Sources: Investopedia.com, TimeForAnAwakening.com,


African American spending power is over $1 trillion dollars a year. Let me repeat… our *yearly* spending power is over 1 *trillion* dollars. However, the collective assets of all black-owned banks combined is only 4.7 *billion* dollars. Sadly, that is not even 1% of our massive spending power. We are supporting companies and brands that don’t necessarily support us. And this includes Banks. And thus the #BankBlack revolution began.



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