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CONTACTS: Matt Chaney phone: (650) 691-1200 mchaney@openspace.org

The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District is pleased to announce the opportunity toprovide geotechnical investigation servicesto supportpotential repairsand modificationsofoneto twostockponds(DR20and DR19)located in the6,100-acre La Honda Creek Open Space Preserve (LHCOSP)in San Mateo County,California (Refer to Attachment 1). Thepondsarecurrentlyinhabitedby California red-legged frog (CRLF), andwesternpondturtle (WPT), andprovidessuitable habitat forSan Francisco garter snake (SFGS), all special status species. The purpose of this Request for Proposals and Qualifications is to solicit individuals or firms to work with the District tocompletea low costandimplementablegeotechnical investigationin order toinformmodificationsand repairs to support the long-term stability of thepondfeatureswhilecontinuing toprovidehabitatfor sensitive speciesas well asaccess forcattle. The selectedconsultantwill be expected toprovidegeotechnical investigationsservices, whichincludescompletingborings atpondDR20and analyzingthe integrity ofthepond,including earthen berms and underling soils.Additional project componentsincludecompleting a written report of findings with one round of revisions based on feedback from the District.An additional optional task(to be awarded in Districts sole discretion)includes additional geotechnical investigationsand report writing fora secondpondDR19, as well asproviding geotechnical oversight duringPhase IIfor one to twopondsrestoration/constructionin late summer of 2021or 2022.The consultant shall submit in their proposal the addition of DR19 as an additional cost (additive alternate) to the base bid of the work at DR20. The consultant shall provide pricing on all phase 2construction-related services as an additional cost to the base bid of the work at DR20, and pricing for those services if work the work atDR19 is added. Final proposaldocuments shall be submitted viaemail to Project Manager, Matt SharpChaney, via email atmchaney@openspace.orgby4:00 PMonMondaySeptember 28, 2020. Bids submitted by any other method will be disqualified. All submissions must be completed online prior to the closure date and time. The District, at its sole discretion, may grant an extension to all candidates if circumstances require additional time. Responding teams should assume that the District may initiate discussions simultaneously with all respondents. Proposal Contents Proposals must contain the following information: - A description of how the firm intends to conduct the project. Please keep proposals to no more than five(5) double-sided pages, not including qualifications. - A detailed list of the necessary tasks to complete the project, personnel to perform each task and number of hours estimated to complete each task.Indicate the number of borings recommended for each pond, as well as the anticipated depth of each individual boring.Please identify tasks to be performed by sub-consultants, if any. -An organization chart for the project showing the names and roles of the key personnel assigned. -A summary of the background and specific pertinent expertise of key personnel, as well as a statement of their time commitment to the project. -A list of specific related experience of the firm on this type of project and the name and telephone number of a client contact for each job cited.Please include information detailingexperience working with public agencies,similar projects, working in active cattle grazing areas, and working with sensitive species. -Provide a statement of the firms acceptance of the Districtsagreement, includinginsurance andindemnification requirements.See attachedtheDistrictsProfessional ServicesAgreement Template. -An estimated fee proposal divided byPhase and bytask. Please identify fees for tasks to be performed by sub-consultants.Provide total number of anticipated days to complete on site borings. -An hourly rate schedule for work proposed by the firm and all sub-consultants. SCHEDULE (deadlines highlighted in yellow) Phase I Tues. Sept8, 2020 -Mandatory pre-proposalsite tour,Driscoll Ranch,La HondaCreek Open Space Preserve. Time: 10:30 AM. RSVP required. Tues. Sept 22, 2020 -Deadline for RFPQ questions from consultants(4:00 PM) Mon. Sept 28, 2020 -Proposals due(email, 4:00 PM, Sept. 28, 2020) Th. Oct1, 2020,2:00 PM- 3:30 PM-Interviews for selected consultants (Optional) Fri. Oct2, 2020 -Award of Contract Fri. Oct9, 2020 -Deadline to submit Proof of Insurance, and signed Contract Agreement Thurs. Oct 15, 2020 -Anticipated Notice to Proceed Th. Oct 31, 2020 -Fieldwork must be complete Mon. Nov 30, 2020 -Geotechnical reportdue Phase II(Optional)- To be awarded in Districts sole discretion September,2021or 2022 -Pre-constructionmeting Aug 1 Oct 31, 2021 or 2022 -Geotechnical testing and inspection during construction Nov 30, 2021or 2022 -Final Report and Geotechnical Approval.


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