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CONTACT: Shawn Witaschek

phone: (408) 993-4748


Notice is hereby given to interest firms:The County of Santa Clara (County), through the Facilities and Fleet Department (FAF), is seeking qualified consulting firm(s) to provide Facility and Energy Planning and related services. Specifically, FAF is seeking consultants to provide on-call services for various energy and sustainability-related projects including (in no particular order): (1) assistance initiating a retro-commissioning program to optimize operations at County facilities; (2) conducting an all-electric feasibility study at County facilities (i.e. the feasibility of converting a facility to operate solely on electricity rather than electricity and natural gas); (3) energy / water efficiency audits of County buildings; (4) providing feedback on energy / sustainability features of newconstructionand large retrofit projects; (5) developing design and cost estimates for new energy / sustainability projects; (6) participating in California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proceedings; (7) Zero Net Energy (ZNE) / microgrid feasibility studies; (8) performance / technical assessment of Countys existing renewable energy and efficiency assets; (9) monitoring energy / sustainability grant and funding opportunities; (10) preparing energy / sustainability grant applications for the County; (11) assisting in energy project procurement and management; (12) greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory; and (13) other technical and compliance efforts related to the Countys electrical utilities infrastructure. The primary purpose of this Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSOQ) is to establish a multi-year agreement with consultant(s) for Facility and Energy Planning and related services. See attached RFSOQ Package for detail. Added on Mar 16, 2020: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Pre-Proposal conference scheduled for March 16th is cancelled. The Pre-Proposal conference will be rescheduled as a teleconference only. Monitor BidSync.com for the revised schedule. Other dates on the schedule of events may change as a result of rescheduling the pre-proposal conference. Added on Mar 24, 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Proposer Deadline to Submit Written Questions (originally set for March 24th) is extended.The period to submit written questions shall remain open until a revised schedule is released via addendum to this RFSQ. Added on May 8, 2020: Addendum 3 - A revised solicitation is added in both a clear copy, and a redline version showing changes from the original. * Dates have changed for most calendar items, including deadline for questions, pre-proposal conference, and deadline to submit proposals. * Only electronic submission of proposals will be accepted. * Many other changes. Refer to documents for details. Added on Jun 10, 2020: Addendum 4 contains the County's response to posted questions.

COMMODITY CODES: NIGP [220-14] Energy Computerized Control Systems for Hvac, Lighting, Utilities, etc. Combination NIGP [906-07] Architect Services, Professional NIGP [906-10] Buildings - Architectural Design NIGP [906-19] Concrete Architectural Services NIGP [906-25] Design Build Services NIGP [906-27] Energy Management - Architectural NIGP [906-28] Energy Conservation; New Energy Sources (solar, Etc.) - Architectural Services NIGP [906-29] Environmental - Architectural NIGP [906-30] Fire Protection - Architectural Services NIGP [906-40] Graphic Design - Architectural NIGP [906-44] Heating; Ventilating; Air Conditioning - Architectural Services NIGP [906-54] Irrigation; Drainage; Flood Control - Architectural NIGP [906-58] Lighting (interior, Exterior) - Architectural Services NIGP [906-61] Models of Layouts and Buildings To Scale, Architectural NIGP [906-92] Utilities (gas, Steam, Electric) - Architectural NIGP [907-35] Designing Services NIGP [910-16] Energy Conservation Services (including Audits) NIGP [910-17] Energy Computerized Control System (hvac, Lighting, Utilities, Etc) Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services NIGP [910-18] Energy Systems, Solar, Installation Services NIGP [918-15] Architectural Consulting NIGP [918-41] Energy Conservation Consulting NIGP [918-42] Engineering Consulting NIGP [918-90] Strategic Technology Planning and Consulting Services NIGP [925-34] Energy Management Engineering NIGP [925-36] Engineering Services (not Otherwise Classified) NIGP [926-72] Planning and Advisory Services, Environmental NIGP [936-28] Energy Collecting Equipment and Accessories Maintenance and Repair NIGP [961-31] Energy Comprehensive Performance Services (a Complete Conservation Program)