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CONTACT: Jayson Mampusti

phone: (408) 491-7407


The successful Bidder shall provide Heavy Equipment Rentals for Roads and Airports (RDA) in accordance with the terms and conditions as specified in this Invitation to Bid (ITB). The contract to be awarded shall be used as a master agreement against which the ordering department shall issue subordinate purchase documents based on the pricing, terms, and conditions of a resulting agreement. County does not guarantee, whether implied or in writing, to purchase any estimated quantities based on past usage, annual dollar volume, or quantity. No minimum orders are guaranteed. Rental equipment shall be shipped FOB destination, freight prepaid and allowed. This Invitation to Bid (ITB) may be awarded to the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder(s). This ITB may result in multiple awards, for one or for each of the line item, in order to meet the needs of RDA. RDA often has multiple projects coinciding at the same time and may need multiples of the same piece of equipment that not one bidder can provide. Equipment needed for each project will be rented against the resulting Agreement based on vendor ranking and equipment availability basis. In the case that equipment is not available at time of need, from any contracted provider, the County may choose to re-compete until the countys need is met. The resulting non-exclusive agreement(s), shall have an initial term of three years with Countys sole option to renew for two additional one-year extensions, unless terminated or otherwise amended. PRE-BID CONFERENCE Pre-Bid Conference (Optional): Date: June 16, 2020 at 10:00AM Conference Line: Toll-Free: 877-336-1829 Access Code: 4917461.


NIGP [020-89] Tractors, Farm, Wheel Type

NIGP [545-47] Mining Machinery and Equipment (see 545-51 for Oil and Gas Equip.)

NIGP [545-48] Milling Machines

NIGP [545-62] Router, Air/pneumatic

NIGP [578-59] Pneumatic Tube Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies

NIGP [755-30] Asphalt Pavers, Self-propelled Type

NIGP [755-35] Asphalt Pavers, Towed Type

NIGP [755-60] Concrete Curbers, Gutter Machines and Accessories

NIGP [760-63] Rollers, Flat Wheel Type, Static

NIGP [760-66] Rollers, Flat Wheel Type, Vibrating

NIGP [765-83] Tractor Bulldozers, Crawler and Wheel Type

NIGP [929-14] Asphalt Pavers Maintenance and Repair

NIGP [929-50] Machinery and Heavy Hardware (not Lawn Equipment) Maintenance and Repair

NIGP [975-24] ConstructionEquipment (not Otherwise Classified) Rental or Lease

NIGP [975-42] Machinery and Heavy Hardware Rental or Lease