• CBCC Bids

Bid End Date: JUNE 23, 2020 CUSTOM FORMS

CONTACT: Christina Morales

phone: (714) 567-5169


OC Printing & Graphics, a Division of the Registrar of Voters is requesting competitivebidsfrom qualified vendors for Custom Forms. The awarded Contract, will be between the County and awarded Bidder(s),in accordance with the model contract terms, conditions, and scope of work. Bidders are advised to carefully read the instructions, model contract and any solicitation attachments and/or exhibits. ALL QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS SOLICITATION MUST BE POSTED THROUGH BIDSYNC NO LATER THAN 2:00 PM (PACIFIC TIME), JUNE 16, 2020.NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED VIA TELEPHONE OR EMAIL.IF TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED WITH THIS WEBSITE, PLEASE CONTACT BIDSYNC VENDOR SUPPORT AT (800) 990-9339, OPTION #1.


NIGP [395-29] Continuous Forms, Carbon Interleaved

NIGP [395-30] Continuous Forms, Custom

NIGP [395-40] Continuous Forms, Carbonless Paper (chemical Transfer)

NIGP [395-70] Snap-out Forms, Carbon Interleaved

NIGP [395-80] Snap-out Forms, Carbonless Paper (chemical Transfer)

NIGP [395-81] Snap-out Forms, Tab Card Set

NIGP [966-16] Continuous Form Printing

NIGP [966-36] Forms Printing (not Continuous)

NIGP [966-78] Receipt and Voucher Book Printing

NIGP [966-85] Snap-out Form Printing (see 395-70,80 for Continuous Shelf Items)

NIGP [966-89] Tickets, Special Labels and Tapes, Printed (not Continuous), for Prescription Drugs, etc. (pressure Sensitive or Dry Gummed Adhesion Flats, Rolls, Tablets, Etc.)

NIGP [966-90] Tickets, Special Tags, Labels, Printed: Continuous, Gang or Single