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CONTACT: Christopher Eglesia

phone: (408) 491-7489


The County of Santa Clara (the County) is requestingbidsfrom IBM Authorized Value Added Resellers (VARs) to provide IBM Annual Software Subscription and Support as specified in this Invitation to Bid (ITB). There areseven (7) Lots for this solicitation. Each Lot represents the schedule of subscription and support licenses for a specific County department. Bidders may quote on one or more Lots but must provide pricing for ALL items in a selected lot. Bid prices should not include sales tax or any other government-imposed fees as the County will calculate the applicable taxes and fees upon award. The three (3) Supplemental Declarations must be completed and submitted with the bid response. The lowest responsive and responsible Bidder/s would need to submit General Liability (G/L) and Additional Insured Endorsement (AIE) certificates in compliance with the County Insurance Requirements (exhibit of which is attached) three (3) days after Countys notification. This is an Invitation to Bid, which is an offer and acceptance. Bidders who take exception to any of the terms and conditions will be deemed non-responsive and their bid will not be considered. This solicitation may result in multiple one-time purchase orders. Note: Information pertaining to Passport numbers, IBM customer number, andAnniversary date are contained in the attached document, IBM SW License Specifications and Requirements 2020. Added on Jun 2, 2020: This addenda istoremove a line item (Lot 3, Item 1, Code E03VJLL)in the Bid Specifications and Requirements document. This addenda will also upload a revised version of the Bid Specification and Requirements document and delete the outdated version. Added on Jun 5, 2020: This Addenda made numerous changes and uploaded two newdocuments. Changes: -Lot 7 / Line Item 2 (end date has been revised to read June 30, 2021) -Lot 6 has been removed from the solicitation. -Deletion of IBM SW License Specifications and Requirements 2020 (v2 revised) Documents uploaded: -IBM SW License Specifications and Requirements 2020 (v3 revised) -ITB Addendum (Q & A) Added on Jun 10, 2020: Revised the quantity on Lot 4 - Line Item 1 from 7 to 8 (increase of one).


NIGP [920-45] Software Maintenance/support