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The City of Santa Clarais seeking quotes from qualified bidders to provide Hard Head Veterans(HHV) ATE GEN2 Ballistic Helmets and HHV Combat Helmet Bags(or Approved Equals). Products must be received by mid-October 2020to replace inventory that has reached the end of its lifespan. Productsshall be delivered to the City of Santa Clara Police Department, located at 601 El Camino Real, Santa Clara CA 95050. The quantities specified herein are estimates and are not guaranteed. The estimated quantities may vary depending on the demands of the City. Any variations from these estimated quantities shall not entitle the bidder to an adjustment in the rates or to any additional compensation. REQUIREMENTS: 1)Pleasereview Attachment 1for Product Specifications 2)Please review theRFQ Instructions document and any other attached document for additional requirements. 3) Request for equals must be received via email, no later than the deadline to submit questions. REQUESTS FOR APPROVED EQUALS 1) Bidders may submit requests for approved equals to the City using the Request for Approved Equals form. Requests must be supported by evidence such as technical data, test results, or other pertinent information that demonstrates that the substitute offered is equal or better than the specification's requirements. 2) The City reserves the right to determine equivalency. All requests for approved equals must be submitted via email to the procurement contact for this bid by the questions deadline. 3) The City shall post its decision to accept or reject the request for approved equals in the form of an addendum. 4) An approved equal is a request from the bidder offering a unit feature that deviates from specified standards (e.g. a brand/standard is not the brand/standard specified, or a design or functional capability is not of the type specified, or where manufacturing or engineering technology has developed a new approach that may use an alternative method differing from the method called for in the specification that meets or exceeds the performance goal specified). 5) Any non-approved alternates taken from the specified standards contained in the bid will disqualify the bid. QUOTE SUBMISSION: 1) All quote responses must be done online through BidSync, including electronic attachments if applicable, and/or through the "Vendor Notes for Offer" function. The City will not accept hardcopy quotes. 2) All line items must be priced. If zero is entered, the City will assume that it will be provided at no charge. BASIS OF AWARD: Price-Determinative The award for this requirement will be based on lowest responsive and responsible quote that meets all specifications. The City may award by line item, lot, or overall lowest cost after application of local business preference, if applicable. SALES TAX: Do not include sales tax in your quote. City will work with selected supplier to establish the applicable tax for PO/contract award. LBE Preference: The Citys Local Business Enterprise (LBE) Preference is no applicable to this bid. Added on Jul 16, 2020: ADDENDUM: Results to submitted requests for approved equals are documented in the attached file: Addendum 1 to RFQp 20-21-02.pdf


NIGP [680-08] Police Protection Equipment (body Armor and Riot Shields) and Supplies

NIGP [680-84] Riot and Crowd Control Equipment (not Otherwise Classified)

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