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CONTACT: Jay Coleman

phone: (408) 615-2048


The City of Santa Clara is seeking proposals qualified contractors to furnish all labor, materials, tools, permits, and equipment necessary to provide Gas Pipeline Compliance, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Services, in support of Silicon Valley Power ("SVP"), the City's Electric Utility. INSTRUCTIONS: Please start with and refer to the RFP "Main Document" for a complete summary of the requirements, RFP process, and submission instructions. All supporting attachments may be found in the appropriate folder on the BidSync system. Added on Apr 28, 2020: See corrected contact email address. Added on Apr 29, 2020: PLEASE SEE ADDENDUM #2 FOR UPDATED RFP DOCUMENTS. Added on May 7, 2020: PLEASE SEE ADDENDUM #3 FOR ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS POSTED ON BIDSYNC. Added on May 7, 2020: UPDATED ADDENDUM 3 DOCUMENT. Added on May 30, 2020: SEE ADDENDUM #4 FOR CHANGES TO PROPOSAL DUE DATE, AND PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL ADDRESS. Added on Jun 13, 2020: SEE ADDENDUM #5 FOR CHANGE TO PROPOSAL DUE DATE.


NIGP [405-13] Gas, Natural (incl. Compressed Natural Gas (cng))

NIGP [430-20] Filters, Natural and Lpg Gas

NIGP [430-27] Gas Cylinders, Empty, Commercial Sizes

NIGP [430-32] Gas Distribution Equipment, Components and Fittings

NIGP [430-33] Gas Mixtures, Special Purpose

NIGP [493-42] Gas Analysis and Monitoring Equipment (for Co2 Oxygen, Etc., in Gas Mixtures)

NIGP [545-12] Compressors, Gas (all Types)

NIGP [670-14] Gas Meters, Indicating and Recording

NIGP [670-53] Pipeline Equipment and Tools (for Constructionand Laying of the Pipeline)

NIGP [895-50] Gas Welding Apparatus

NIGP [906-36] Gas Systems (propane, Natural, Etc.) - Architectural

NIGP [906-92] Utilities (gas, Steam, Electric) - Architectural

NIGP [910-63] Public Utilities: Water, Sewer and Gas Maintenance and Repair

NIGP [912-54] Maintenance and Repair, Oil and Gas Refinery

NIGP [913-78] Maintenance and Repair, Pipeline (includes Removal and Relocation)

NIGP [918-97] Utilities: Gas, Water, Electric Consulting

NIGP [925-29] Electric Utility Protection and Control Engineer

NIGP [925-43] Gas Systems (propane, Natural, Etc.) Engineering

NIGP [925-78] Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution - Engineering

NIGP [925-95] Utilities (gas, Steam, Electric)/engineering

NIGP [926-43] Gas Analysis Services

NIGP [926-93] Testing and Monitoring Services for Air, Gas, and Water

NIGP [936-54] Pipeline Equipment Maintenance and Repair

NIGP [938-50] Gas Equipment (hospital, Laboratory, and Welding) Maintenance and Repair

NIGP [940-54] Power Supply Installation, Electric

NIGP [940-55] Power Supply Maintenance and Repair, Electric

NIGP [941-21] Blade Maintenance and Repair, Electric Power Generator

NIGP [941-69] Pipeline Pressure Flushing Services

NIGP [941-87] Turbine Maintenance and Repair, Gas

NIGP [958-76] Pipeline Management Services

NIGP [961-84] Utility Services, Gas

NIGP [962-50] Leak Detection Services: Gas, Water, Chemical