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THIS IS A FULLY ELECTRONIC BID, ONLY ELECTRONIC ONLINE BID RESPONSES WILL BE ACCEPTED The County of Orange, Orange County Community Resources (OCCR), Purchasing and Contracts Services on behalf of OCCR/Orange County Public Library (OCPL) is requesting competitive bids for Digital Microfilm Reader/Printer Lease & Maintenance to be provided in accordance with the requirements herein, inclusive of the Scope of Work attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference as Attachment A. Please read attached Bid Package for instructions and specifications: I. General Information II. Instructions to Bidders and Procedures for submittal III. Bid Review/Acceptance/Rejection/Award IV. Rights Reserved to County V. Special Requirements VI. Pricing VII. Instructions - Protest Procedures VIII.County of Orange W-9 & OCLSB Requirements THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS MUST BE MET : * In addition to providing bid pricingin this bid, responsivebidswill include the following completed information/forms to be submitted electronically (forms are included in this bid solicitation): Cover Page with Signatures, Exhibit 1 - Company Profile,Exhibit 2 - References,Exhibit 3 - Bidder Certificationand Exhibit 4 - OCLSB(if applicable) . * Bidders bear the responsibility of submitting their bids prior to the deadline. * Questions will only be accepted through BidSync. It is the vendor's responsibility to check back frequently for any addenda or other information. * Bidders are advised to read all Model Contract and associated Terms and Conditions prior to submitting a response.Submission of a bid is an acknowledgement that the bidder has agreed to all the terms and conditions herein . * Winning bidderwill be required to sign contract upon award. AWARD DETERMINATION Award will be made to the MOST responsive, responsible bidder with the lowest monthly lease price per unit, which may also include a review of bidders qualifications, experience, and resources, bidders ability to meet the requirements and perform the services specified in this solicitation, bidders references and past performance, and bidders acceptance of County of Orange terms and conditions. Award will be contingent upon agency approval.With the exception of the applicable California State Sales Tax, price shall be inclusive of shipping and other costs. The County at its sole discretion reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids received as a result of this solicitation or to cancel in part or in its entirety. IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER: August 13, 2020 All written questions due by 2:00 P.M. August 18, 2020 Issuance of Addendum if necessary August 24, 2020 Bid closes at 2:00 P.M. For BidSync assistance, please contact BidSync Vendor Support Team at 800-990-9339 Option 1.


NIGP [204-79] Printers, Digital

NIGP [204-82] Printers, Microcomputer (not Otherwise Classified)

NIGP [575-47] Microfiche/microfilm Reader Printer Supplies: Paper, Toner, etc.

NIGP [985-55] Microfiche/microfilm Equipment and Accessory Rental or Lease