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CONTACTS: Zachary Alexander

phone: (650) 691-1200


Project Description The purpose of the project is to remove debris and hazardous containing materials and soils from a 1950s era dump adjacent to Madonna Creek and active agriculture production lands. Removal of 150 cubic yards of debris and soil containing known hazardous materials. Known hazardous material containing debris shall be removed and disposed of first. Soils shall be excavated and stockpiled on site for confirmation testing. Confirmed clean soils shall be retained on site for use as backfill material. Confirmed hazardous materials containing soils shall be transported off-site and disposed of in accordance with all state and local hazardous material disposal guidelines and requirements. Project Location The project is located in Miramontes Ridge Open Space Preserve in unincorporated San Mateo County, near the City of Half Moon Bay. The project site is easily accessible via Highway 92, near the intersection of Muddy Road and Highway 92. The project site is located within an active farm and is not publicly accessible. Project Schedule Award of Contract is anticipated to occur on September 9, 2020 . On-site activities cannot commence prior to contractor complying with all pre-constructionsubmittal requirements. On-site constructionactivities are anticipated to take approximately 3 weeks. In accordance with updated San Mateo County shelter-in-place orders, the project may be delayed if the shelter-in-place order is modified or reinstated.


NIGP [085-85] Soil Erosion Sheeting Material (to Include Silt Fencing): Asphalt, Biodegradable Paper, Burlap, Excelsior, Jute, Straw, etc.

NIGP [578-47] Hazardous Materials (hazmat, Green Material, Etc.), (not Otherwise Classified)

NIGP [912-23] Construction, General (backfill Services, Digging, Ditching, Road Grading, Rock Stabilization, Etc.)

NIGP [912-44] Excavation Services

NIGP [962-73] Restoration/reclamation Services of Land and Other Properties

NIGP [968-71] Solid or Liquid Waste Disposal (including Management Services) (see 926-45 for Hazardous Waste Disposal)

NIGP [988-14] Erosion Control Services

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