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CONTACTS: Jay Coleman

phone: (408) 615-2048


The City of Santa Clara (hereinafter City) is seeking bids from qualified vendors to provide various materials to be used as part of the Citys South Loop Substation Project, in support of Silicon Valley Power, the Citys electric utility. ESTIMATED QUANTITIES: The quantities specified herein are the City's best estimate of the quantities that will be purchased; however, they are not guaranteed. Any variations from these estimated quantities shall not entitle the bidder to an adjustment in unit pricing or rates. REQUIREMENTS: 1)Please refer to the RFB document and any other attached documents for details. BID SUBMISSION: 1) All Bid responses must be submitted online through BidSync, including electronic attachments if applicable, and/or through the Vendor Notes for Offer" function. All line items must be priced or clearly show No Charge or included not left blank or zero. 2) Bidders must upload their completed Bid Pricing Form (Attachment 1) with their submitted response. The BASIS OF AWARD is Price-Determinative. The award for this requirement will be based on lowest responsive and responsible total base bid that meets all specifications. The City may award by line item, lot, or overall lowest cost after application of local businesspreference, if applicable. SALES TAX: Do not include sales tax in your bid. City will work with selected supplier to establish the applicable tax for contract award. LOCAL BUSINESSPREFERENCE: The Citys LocalBusiness Enterprise (LBE) Preference is applicable to this bid. If your business has a fixedoffice in the City ofSanta Clara and a valid City of Santa ClaraBusiness Tax Certificate, then you should refer to the bid instructions for further information on applying for this preference. FREIGHT/SHIPPING: Freight and/or shipping charges shall be at no cost to the City FOB Destination prepaid unless specified as a separate line item on quote or electronic note through the "Vendor Notes for Offer" function. In the event of special or expedited orders where incremental transportation or shipping fees are incurred by Bidder, those incremental freight charges shall be added as a separate line item to the invoice submitted. Added on Aug 6, 2020: PLEASE SEE ADDENDUM #1.


NIGP [010-53] Fiberglass: Batts, Blankets and Rolls

NIGP [055-21] Couplings and Hitches

NIGP [150-59] Pole, Post and Pipe Setting Compounds

NIGP [150-93] Windows, Frames and Sashes, Fiberglass

NIGP [155-24] Carports, Fiberglass and Plastic

NIGP [155-54] Patio Covers, Fiberglass and Plastic

NIGP [280-30] Control Cables and Wires, Solid and Stranded, Single and Multiconductor (up To 600v, for Use in Boiler Controls, Fire Alarms, Motors, Etc.)

NIGP [285-20] Conduit and Fittings, Fiberglass

NIGP [285-42] Insulation Materials and Insulators: Compounds, Varnish, etc.

NIGP [285-74] Pole Line Hardware: Anchors, Arms, Bolts, Braces, Brackets, Clevises, Connections, Insulators, Plates, Pole Steps, Racks, Rods, Shackles, Straps, Thimbles, Washers, etc. (see 765-95 for Wire Rope Accessories)

NIGP [285-86] Transformers, Power Distribution (including Fluid Filled, Pad and Pole Mount)

NIGP [425-58] Plastic, Polypropylene, Fiberglass Office Furniture: Chairs, Desks, Tables, etc.

NIGP [445-18] Clamps: Bar, "c", Carriage, Hand, Spring, Etc.; and Clamp Fixtures

NIGP [445-52] Pliers, All Kinds (except Stock Tagging)

NIGP [445-91] Wrenches, All Kinds (including Sockets)

NIGP [450-19] Chain Hooks, Links, Cold Shuts, Shackles, Slips, etc.

NIGP [545-31] Industrial and ConstructionMachinery, Equipment, Components and Parts (not Otherwise Classified)

NIGP [570-08] Bolt and Stud Stock, Steel

NIGP [580-17] Batons, Conductor

NIGP [630-27] Fillers and Sealers, Fiberglass

NIGP [631-27] Fillers and Sealers, Fiberglass, Environmentally Certified Products

NIGP [665-33] Fiberglass Structural Shapes: Angles, Channels, I-beams, etc.

NIGP [665-34] Fiberglass, Plastic and Poly. Castings

NIGP [665-35] Fiberglass Sheets, Panels, etc. (incl. Reinforced Types)

NIGP [665-36] Fiberglass Supplies: Catalysts, Cloth, Resins, etc.

NIGP [665-37] Gratings: Fiberglass, Plastic, Poly., etc.

NIGP [665-72] Plastic, Polyethylene and Fiberglass Products and Supplies, Recycled

NIGP [770-68] Roofing, Plastic and Fiberglass: Corrugated, etc.

NIGP [770-78] Shingles, Fiberglass

NIGP [906-92] Utilities (gas, Steam, Electric) - Architectural

NIGP [910-38] Insulation and Asbestos Installation, Maintenance, Repair and Removal Services (includes Spray-on Insulation)

NIGP [914-53] Insulation

NIGP [918-97] Utilities: Gas, Water, Electric Consulting

NIGP [925-29] Electric Utility Protection and Control Engineer

NIGP [925-78] Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution - Engineering

NIGP [925-95] Utilities (gas, Steam, Electric)/engineering

NIGP [936-25] Electrical Equipment (except Cable and Wires, and Lighting Fixtures) Maintenance and Repair

NIGP [936-28] Energy Collecting Equipment and Accessories Maintenance and Repair

NIGP [936-82] Tool Maintenance and Repair, Electric

NIGP [940-54] Power Supply Installation, Electric

NIGP [940-55] Power Supply Maintenance and Repair, Electric

NIGP [961-83] Utility Services, Electric

NIGP [967-59] Plastics and Plastic Products (incl. Fiberglass, Poly, Etc.)