• CBCC Bids


CONTACTS: Phillip Chacon

phone: (408) 993-4646


Specifications: The County of Santa Clara is requesting bids from suppliers to provide (1) One New 2018 Uni Carrier CF50LP series, Propane , Four Wheeled Cushion Tire Forklift Sit-Down Counterbalanced Propane Forklift to include all standard features. STANDARD FEATURES Base Truck Class V 5000LB @ 24" Load Center K21 Engine Fuel LP Sales Model: MCP1F2A25LV Hr Meter: 14.4 Mast Type: Triplex - 187" (3F475) Fork: Standard 48" (48005) Carriage: Carriage - High Visibility (CRGC) (STD) Backrest: Load Backrest: 48.0" (1220mm) High (BAKH) ValveType: 3-spool Valve & Lever (VAL3) (STD) Lever: Control Levers - Separate Lift/Tilt (LVRW) IHRType: Single IHR - Triplex Mast (PIP1_T) SS: Sideshifter - Hang-on (S/S01) QD: No Quick Disconnect Tire: Cushion tires SpeedHigh: Standard (STD_HI) SpeedLow: Low Speed - None Rad: Radiator - Open Core (RADD) Mat: No Floor Mat (MATZ) (STD) Muff: Standard Muffler (MFLJ) (STD) OHG: Standard OHG BodySpec: Rear Pillar (Right) Assist Grip w/Horn Button Seat: Full Suspension Seat - Vinyl w/ Adjustable Backrest (SETQ) Fire: Fire Extinguisher - ABC Type, 2.5 lb. (FIEA) ComboLght: LED Turn, Stop & Backup Lights - Vertical (MLMR3) WarnLght: StrobeLight - Amber (LMXD) Mirror: Rearview Mirrors - Glass (MIRX) Alarm: Backup Alarm (BZBA) (STD) LPBrkt: LPG Tank Bracket - Swing-Out (w/Open Bracket Alarm) (LPGO) LPtank: LP Tank (33 lbs) - Quick Fill Valve (LPT_33H) Fuel: LPMax - Enhanced Low LP Fuel Warning (FTAB) (STD) SeatBelt: Seatbelt Warning - Light & Buzzer (INHZ) TransCntl: Standard Transmission Control (TMSD/L) OPTIONS Strobe light Fire extinguisher Rearview mirrors Additional Requirements to Bidders: Supplier must be regularly engaged in the Manufacturing and sale of these vehicles to be capable of supplying all items ordered even though bidder may not currently carry items in inventory. DEALER INSTRUCTIONS: Once the County of Santa Clara awards the bid and you receive the P.O., immediately contact Dennis Brooks at the County of Santa Clara Fleet Management by email. His email is dennis.brooks@faf.sccgov.org he will be your primary contact. Do not contact the County of Santa Clara buyer. The bill to and ship to address is 2265 Junction Ave, San Jose, CA 95131 attention: Dennis Brooks(408) 468-8901 County Fleet receiving hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 8 am and 3:30 pm. The County of Santa Clara does its own DMV. Please provide the ROS at the time of delivery. DELIVERY: August 2020 The County request vehicle referenced in this ITB must be delivered 2 days after issuance of purchase order. Vehicles are to be delivered to: County of Santa Clara 2265 Junction Ave. San Jose Added on Jul 27, 2020: Addendum 1: ADDITION TO: Standard Features A61 Tradesman Level 1 Equipment Group. All other requirements, obligations, terms and conditions remain unchanged. Added on Jul 27, 2020: Addendum 1 was made in error, please disregard.


NIGP [560-75] Trucks, Lift, Powered: Fork Lifts, etc.