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CEO of My Soul

Small business consultant Nicole "Nic" Cober, Esq. knows the sobering statistic: Nearly 80% of ALL small businesses fail. She knows it because she's lived it. Her book tells her story. She built her first business, Soul - Day Spa and Salon, to be a community staple in the DC metro area, with a flawless local reputation and national media acclaim.

She felt like she had it all: a successful business, a beautiful family, a dream house...and a Benz to boot! But, after nearly ten years, her personal and professional lives collided and crumbled. She was forced to close her businesses, file bankruptcy, confront divorce(s) and eviction notices, all while raising her two sons.

Through it all, Nic kept her head held high, and she came back from defeat stronger than ever. Losing Soul, the business, was a catalyst to reconnecting with her own soul through self-love and her faith. Now, she wants to share what she has learned with unflinching honesty, sister-wit, and vulnerability to help her fellow "soul" sisters and small business owners achieve their dreams and avoid some of her pitfalls without sacrificing love, family, or happiness.

In CEO of My SOUL, Nic shares the perfect blend of valuable business advice woven together with true accounts of relationship struggles, family triumphs, and self-reflection. The book is a practical and personal how-to guide for entrepreneurs, but it's also much more than that. It's an invitation to join Nic on a personal journey: a spiritual quest for self-love and fulfillment. Hear her speak at the CA Black Chamber's 2017 Ron Brown Business Summit and Women's Symposium. Register today!

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