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Sell Out to Success - No Excuses!

Black small business owners struggle.

They struggle to find capital to fund their great ideas, to stay profitable so they can support their families, They face all the same struggles that all owners of small businesses face. Small businesses owners struggle. They struggle to figure out complicated tax structures, to provide affordable health insurance for their own families and for their employees, and to manage their cash flow so they can keep going without problems. All business owners struggle. They struggle to keep customers satisfied and respond to their varied needs, to manage the tension between board members and executives about the best direction for the company, and to manage the ebb and flow of economic cycles on a large scale without going bust. Every day is a struggle in the world of business. Not all the struggles are the same, but many are. The business owners who succeed don't do so because of the color of their skin, they succeed because they sell out to success and refuse to make excuses for failure. They keep on going, despite struggles and failures that others just can't find a way to overcome.

Why Businesses Succeed

Attitude is everything when trying to overcome struggles in your business.

In reality, there isn't much difference between failure and success. Most successful businesses experience many failures along the way, but the attitude of the business owner will not let them give in to the failure. When businesses fail to succeed, they pick up the pieces after a failure and figure out how to go on, how to improve and make the business better going forward.

Harvard researchers have found that serial entrepreneurs, those who have owned more than one business, are more successful than first-time entrepreneurs. Failure often leads to success in business, and successful business owners do not let failure stop them from overcoming and finding success in the end.

Businessknowhow.com listed the following traits as essential to business success:

  • A positive attitude toward their business and life in general

  • Commitment to their effort

  • Patience

  • Persistence

These traits are listed as the first and most important reasons for business success, before technical know-how, business plans, and organizational structures, although these things are also important. Through all the struggles and obstacles of owning a business, these personal characteristics will drive business owners to keep going and to find the other things they need to be successful. Without the motivation and drive to succeed, however, too many business owners give up, sometimes when they are extremely close to a breakthrough. Sometimes the struggles are in fact the tools that lead to a business's success by becoming teachers that show owners what doesn't work so they can move on to what works. Your struggles are real. Accept them for what they are, but never accept excuses if you want your business to ultimately find success. Join the Chamber and find support and help to overcome all your business struggles.

Sell Out to Success - No Excuses!

Tara Lynn Gray

Chamber Foundation Board of Directors

President & CEO YADARI Enterprises

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