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U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region Fire and Aviation Management

Outreach Notice

U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region

Fire and Aviation Management

GS-0462-10/11 Supervisory Forestry Technician

(Smokejumper Loft Manager)

Redding, California

The Pacific Southwest Region’s Fire and Aviation Management staff is currently in the process of outreach to assess interest in a permanent, full-time GS-0462-10/11 Supervisory Forestry Technician (Smokejumper Loft Manager) position located in Redding, CA. This is an exciting opportunity and will provide applicants with a challenging and rewarding experience.

The purpose of this notice is to determine if there are interested and qualified individuals. The notice was in effect from June 8 through July 15, 2016; but has again been extended through August 1, 2016. If you are interested in this opportunity, please complete the attached outreach reply form and return it to amset@fs.fed.us. If you have further questions about the position, please feel free to contact Smokejumper Base Manager Josh Mathiesen at 530-226-2889, or by email at jmathiesen@fs.fed.us.

About the Position

This position serves as the Smokejumper Loft Manager for a national shared resource smokejumper program. The incumbent is responsible for all aspects of loft operations; such as parachute rigging, gear manufacturing, and research and development for the smokejumper group. The incumbent works directly for the Smokejumper Program Manager. This position requires extensive previous experience as a smokejumper.

Directly supervises Smokejumper Squads, which include Squad Leaders and Smokejumpers. The position also directly supervises an Assistant Manager position, designed to assist the Program Manager in the overall supervision of the section, and may also supervise a Spotter position. Provides administrative and technical supervision. Performs the administrative and human resource management functions relative to the staff supervised.

Knowledge Required

  • Knowledge of a wide range of technical methods and procedures, management practices, agency policies and programs and an extensive familiarity with the methods and practices of fire management specifically related to smokejumper and wildland fire, to include:

  • USDA Forest Service smokejumper and loft policies, regulations and guidelines

  • USDA Forest Service wildland fire fighting policies, regulations and guidelines

  • Interagency Incident Business Management

  • NIFC warehouse and private contract supplies

  • USDA Forest Service prescribed fire policies

  • Sub-base management

  • Incident Command System

  • Aerial delivery of personnel and equipment into mountainous terrain

  • Ability to interpret blueprints to manufacture smokejumper equipment

  • Highly skilled in the use and maintenance of various sewing machines

  • FAA (FARs) as pertaining to parachute operations and rigging

Knowledge Required (cont.)

  • Expert knowledge of advanced concepts, principles, and practices of incident management to serve as a technical authority for the full range of fire behavior and logistics/fire suppression techniques.

  • Ability to understand and evaluate the potential threat of fire to natural resources and private property and the resource values of federal land management and to manage air operations and projects assigned to the smokejumper organization.

  • Knowledge of fire behavior, fire hazard, and risk analyses, fuel volume and flammability assessment and wildland firefighting techniques as well as knowledge of all appropriate safety procedures is required during incident management and program planning.

  • Knowledge of supervisory practices and procedures, and human resources rules and regulations sufficient to directly and indirectly supervise federal employees during nonincident operations and incident operations.

  • Experience and qualifications in smokejumping is required.

  • Must be qualified as a FAA Master Parachute Rigger and must be eligible to apply as a FAA Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner (DPRE).

Other Significant Facts

  • This position participates in wildland firefighting activities. Based on the type of work performed, TAKING and PASSING the Work Capacity Test (WCT) at the ARDUOUS level is a ''condition of employment.'' The Arduous fitness (Pack) Test consists of a three (3) mile hike, within forty-five (45) minutes, while carrying a forty-five (45) pound pack.

  • This is a secondary firefighter position under 5 USC 8336(c) (CSRS) and 8412(d) (FERS). Prior wildland firefighting experience is required.

Community Information

Redding, California is a full service community with a population over 100,000, is located in Shasta County at the extreme north end of the Sacramento Valley. Redding is equal distance between Los Angeles and Seattle on Interstate 5. It is 160 miles north of Sacramento; 155 miles south of Medford, OR; 225 miles north of San Francisco; and 200 miles northwest of Reno, NV. There are three incorporated cities in Shasta County: Redding (the county seat), Anderson, and the City of Shasta Lake. Redding, bisected by the Sacramento River, is a growing center of commerce and industry and a metropolitan marketplace of northern California, serving the adjacent counties of Tehama, Trinity and Siskiyou.

Within an hour of Redding you can be skiing (water or snow), fishing, hiking, boating, snowmobiling, playing tennis, golf or any of the other imaginable recreational pursuits. If you've never visited the area before, check out the information available on the internet at

http://www.ci.redding.ca.us/ .