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10 Tips for Business Success in 2019

Based on stories we published this year, consider these 10 tips for making the most of your year, both in and out of the workplace.

1. Bring your values to work

Creating a work environment that aligns with your values can be challenging. Although you can’t change your coworkers’ views, outlining specific value-based goals can help you integrate your beliefs into your job, explained Professor of Psychology and Marketing Art Markman and Professor of Music and Learning Bob Duke.

(10 Tips about Winning, Losing, and Values in the Workplace)

2. Make room for downtime

Embracing downtime in the workday can improve efficiency, according to research from Assistant Professor of Management Andrew Brodsky. His research found when employees are given the opportunity for leisure time, they worked faster still while maintaining work quality.

(Planning for Idle Time and Interruptions)

3. Learn to say ‘thank you’

A little gratitude goes a long way. Assistant Professor of Marketing Amit Kumar ’s research shows a simple letter of thanks has a larger impact on the recipient than senders typically expect.

(Thanks, but No Thanks)

4. Consider your political stances

It can be difficult to be the lone liberal or sole conservative in your workplace, especially if you’re new to the office. Research by Associate Professor of Management Sekou Bermiss shows being a “political misfit” might even affect your decision to stay in the job.

(Political Misfits in the Workplace)

5. Hire women for the C-suite

Research by Professor of Finance Laura Starks finds that, in comparison with men, women bring an average of almost 10 percent additional distinct skills to boards of directors.

(Women Bring More Skills, Better Performance to the C-Suite)

6. Understand the investor relations officer

Consider hiring an investor relations officer: Companies with IROs can have less stock volatility and lower capital costs, says Accounting Professor Michael Clement.

(The Role of the Investor Relations Officer)

7. Reconsider performance-based promotions

Promoting employees based on their performance seems like a no-brainer, but research from Assistant Professor of Accounting Eric Chan shows that a business suffers in the long run when employees land in a position they’re ill-equipped to hold.

(Why Performance Rankings Can Backfire for Promotions)

8. Practice your creative timing

Knowing when to stop brainstorming is key for creative teams, says Senior Marketing Lecturer Stephen Walls, since deciding when to hone in on one specific idea improves the innovation process.

(More or Less: Why Timing is Key to Your Team’s Creative Success)

9. Get comfortable with AI

Artificial intelligence will change the way people work, says James Scott, associate professor of Information, Risk, and Operations Management — but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. AI will create jobs, improve workplace safety, and benefit the health care field.

(Your Co-Workers are Computers)

10. Buy less stuff

To combat the billions of pounds of consumer waste going into U.S. landfills each year, Business, Government and Society Professor Julie Irwin has one line of advice: Buy less.

(Less is More)